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Blumen im Sonnenlicht

Individual Journey

3 Months Program for Individuals

Couple Intensive

3 Months Program for Couples

Coaching Adults

Individual Sessions Adults

1:1 HypnoCoaching/Therapy Sessions

The constant high pressure to perform and the stress in our society brings more and more people today into life crises. These crises are for most people the beginning of the path of inner healing. Because most of the time we only wake up when it hurts! Even though these crises naturally feel anything but comfortable at first, they are actually a blessing. Experience your transformation:

  • discover your inner healing power

  • experience more lightness in life

  • discover your full potential

  • experience heartfullfillment

The essence in the 1:1 sessions for adults is the work with the subconsciousness. Old, no longer serving programs are recognised and released. Therefore space for new, happy and heartcentered experiences can be created.

Coaching couples

Couple Coaching

Coaching for Couples

The essence of couple coaching is co-creation. Co-creation at its essence means loving each other freely, nurturing each other, and supporting each other in mutual blossoming. Learning new ways together: 

  • true closeness and intimacy

  • ease and joy in your relationship

  • authentic, appreciative, and respectful communication 

  • to share with each other out of inner fulfillment

In the sessions I explore with you the huge potential that we all are longing to tap into love relationships. I show you new, healthy ways of an authentic and aprreciative communication, experiencing awareful intimicy and to share life with one another out of an inner fulfillment.

Coachig KIDS

Coaching for Children and Teenagers

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Children are often exposed to pressure in school, in society and in their entire social environment. Their emotional and physical resilience is not yet fully developed and they usually exhaust themselves faster than adults. Coaching helps children and young people:  

  • to find solutions from within

  • to act in connection with the heart

  • experience joy of life

  • to have long-lasting motivation

  • to go into the future with more self-confidence

My healing and coaching methods are especially suitable for working with children and adolescents.


Guided Meditations

Regular Meditation Circle

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool to re-wire your subconscious mind. Re-connect to your heart, center of love and healing. Strengthen the golden bond of connection between your mind and heart. Meditation can lead to:

  • deeper state of consciousness

  • more self-love and self-awareness

  • a state of inner peace and connection

  • heart-opening experiences

My intention is to accompany you in reconnecting with your heart center. There – where your heart sets the pulse of your soul. It is when your heart's true power of unconditional love is activated, that you experience true miracles in you and around you. Then you are the creator of your own life again!


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