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The intention of my work is to offer new, positive and heartopening perspectives and practical tools, that serve you to experience a happy and truly heartfelt life. 


I invite you to join me in exploring pathways and opening doors that will guide you back into your heart and remind you of who you really are – An inexhaustible great source of love.

"May courage, vulnerability and faith be present in your Life like an unquenchable sacred Fire that guides you towards Home."

One of the most important aspects of my work is the path of self-love.

Only through self-love can we truly experience inner peace and freedom,

and expand our capacity to love each other unconditionally.



Christina Wennmacher

With the age of 20 I was led to a one-week Transformation experience with the conciousness teacher Robert Betz in Germany. In that week, something deep inside of me, that had been buried for a long time, was tickled awake again. 

I started a very enriching journey at the time without conciously realising it. It was in  a few words expressed the journey back to my inner home, back to myself. 

On my path of conciousness unfolding and remembering in the following years, I felt the sensation of returning home after a long time that I had spend in a veil of forgetting.

In the last 12 years I have become an inspired life surfer.

Surfing the waves of life - Sometimes being on the board, sometimes being off the board.

Yet it was through my experiences, that I realised how to balance and embrace both the up and the down, the easy and the uneasy, the light and the dark,...of life.

Embracing the totality of all apsects.

Today it is my greatest joy to share all the transformative and healing experiences on the path of spirituality with others. 




Christina Wennmacher was born in Germany in 1990. Today she works as a consciousness guide for adults, couples and children and successfully realized herself as a Hypnosis Coach, IPE Coach and Transformationtherapist in the last few years.

In 1:1 Hypnosis/Coaching/Therapy Sessions and Retreats, as well as Meditation Circles, Christina shares inspiring tools and new perspectives that invite to go on the path of self-love, inner awareness, transformation and healing. A key aspect of her work is inner child healing.

"The healing of our inner child is directly related to our lived self-love. It is self-love that leads us on the journey of creating a fulfilling inner world. Self-love is the root of fulfillment in all areas of our lives. And it is this love for ourselves that goes hand in hand with healing the inner child," says Christina.

The framework of her work is medial HypnoCoaching, Transformation Therapy - inner child healing, Integral Potential Unfolding – IPE Coaching, FSTU - From Seperation to Unity,  Inner Dance Alchemy, Non-violent communication, and Energetic Flow.

Christina's years of experience and heart passion for what she does are felt down to the smallest cell and are deeply inspiring.

Find also more about other´s experiences in the testimonials.

"We humans are beings with great potential who are on this earth to experience ourselves in our wholeness."



"Dear Christina I would like to thank you very much for your helpful work. I have realized that you can reach your goal with small steps. Working with your own self for 10min every day and keeping your vision in mind brings so much. Lovely Thank you, Rosi"


Rosi  |  Yoga Teacher

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