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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

What does it mean?

I can't give you the answer of what it feels like to you.

Yet I would like to share with you what Freedom feels like to me.

Freedom expands in us by the love, respect and appreciation we give to ourself.

In any area of our life we are relating to others. This may be in friendships, a love relationship, family relations, relating to colleagues from work, etc.

NOW let us explore the following question:

How dependant is our well-being on the behaviour of others in our relationships?

And how do we act (towards ourself) when someone behaves in a different way than we had imagined and hoped for?

How much do we love ourself in difficult moments, when we feel stuck on our path and uncertain about where to go?

THIS is the moments that self-love comes in!

It is easy to love ourself when everything goes well, when we feel in a flow with life.

The opportunity to expand our capacity of self-love happens in the moments when we do not feel in ease, when we notice feelings in us such as fear, sadness, anger, powerlessness, etc.

Self-Love is not a theory. It is a day to day "practise".

To give a picture: It is the nourishment of our own flower with the nutrients and environment that are supportive for our flower.

The nutrients and the environment varies from flower to flower, from Being to Being.

The question is:

What makes our own flower feel nourished and healthy? What nutrients and environment make our flower blossom?

Self-Love is also the key to our capacity of how free we can love others.

The more we can embrace ourself, embrace all that we are, Shadow and Light in us, the more we have the capacity to embrace and Love others as they are.

Self-Love is the key to unconditional Love.

It is only possible to love others unconditionally when we love ourself unconditionally.

Freeing ourself from belief- and behavior patterns. Freeing ourself from all that we believe is true at the moment and open to the space of the unknown.

Opening more and more to vibrate in our purest form of who we truly are.

This for me is what Freedom tastes like.

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