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Inner Healer

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How much space do we give to our own natural healing processes nowadays when we feel our body is out of balance?

With "natural healing process" I refer to the time we give our body to heal whatever is in disbalance in its own rhthm, and in tune with our intuition and all the wonderful natural medicine tools, such as herbs, water, healing frequencies, etc. that mother earth provides to us.

Do we listen to our body and allow our inner most wisdom to guide us during our own healing processes? Or do we listen more to what others advice us to do, without tuning in with ourselves as well?

What if we all would start today on forward to tune in with our intuition and connect to our inner healer?

When we are connected to our inner healer, we can take back our responability for our well-being, instead of giving it away.

In my opinion what happens when we ´get sick´ is, that our body is actually saying to us:

"I am out of balance. Take some time to rest now, I am entering a healing phase".

Our bodies are great guidances. They express to us through body symptons what feels good to them and what not....if we are in balance or out of balance.

When we are connected to our own system, when we open ourself to hear and listen to what our body is telling us, we can live a life that is in balance and in synchronicity with life's natural flow.

So let us (re)connect to the inner Healer wisdom all of us carry within.

The inner Healer...

...invites to discover the healing power that lays within ourself.

...invites to listen to our heart intuition.

...frees us.

...embraces us.

...empowers us to act and manifest out of our powerful loving creator power.


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