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Love Yourself Free

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

What does Self-Love mean?

When someone asks us, if we enjoy spending time with ourself, we easily tend to say "Yes, I do".

Yet how deeply do we truly enjoy the time we spend in our own company?

Let us explore this through some questions and in gentleness towards ourself.

Do we enjoy to be in silence with ourself?

When we dive into our inner world, can we allow and embrace it the way it reveals? When we go for a walk, do we enjoy our own company in that walk?

When we sit in nature, embraced by nature's melody, are we truly enjoying ourself there?

When we listen to a nice music, do we enjoy that music and singing along with it ourself?

Can we feel that the time we spend with ourself is a precious gift?

When we spend time with someone dear to us often it seems easier for us to dedicate ourself to the present moment with the other one. We commit ourself to the moment because we enjoy the time spend together with our dear one.

When we are in our own company, this could and in the best case is exactly the same.

The only difference when we are in our own company is, that the other one is physically not there with us.

...The other one, that might take our hand on a walk and caress it.

...The other one, that might give us a long warm hug, when we are facing a difficult situation.

...The other one, that encourages us and believes in our good.

Let us gain conciousness here, that it is only possible to receive all these aspects of care, compassion, empathy, etc. from others because we open ourself to receive them.

It is our own concious decision that allows these aspects to flow through us!

So that means, independently of being with someone or not, we can choose consciously to welcome nourishing energies, such as care, compassion and empathy, etc. to flow through us at any moment. And allow Life to embrace us with love.

So let us...

...allow ourself to nourish us with all that embraces our heart warmly. ...nourish ourself with our gentle, loving touch on our own body.

...embrace ourself caring and compassionate when we are facing challenges.

...listen to ourself and be your own wise guidance.

...tell ourself how lovable and valuable we are!

Love yourself FREE.

Totally free!

Because you deserve that unconditional love of yourself.

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