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Letting go

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How? To let go is an act of Acceptance.

Allowing something to BE the way it is, without trying to change it to "how our mind thinks it should be".

All of us experience situations in life, in which we are asked to "Let go" something or someone. This is an invitation of Life to embrace Acceptance and Allowance.

It could be letting go a job that is unsatisfying, letting go a relationship that takes away our energy, letting go a situation that makes us unhappy, etc.


Do we follow our intuition, and allow our inner guidance to take our hand in these moments?

Do we hear and listen to our intuition when it says "Let go". This is not for you. Or "Let go" – It is time to move on?

Or has the voice of our Ego becomen so loud that we almost don't hear our heart´s voice anymore?

Are we in resistance or in allowance?

Just notice and recognise. ♡

AND how we deal with Letting go when this aspect is related to dear relationships in our lives? How we can live Acceptance when someone dear to us behaves different than we had imagined? When someone dear to us decides to move on without us?

Or when we hear our inner guidance telling us to go on and let go (even, if it feels painful for the moment to let go)?

How do we embrace those moments, in which we realize that what we had hoped for and what has unfolded are two different pairs of shoes?

Acceptance is the key.

Looking at our life from the perspective of an Observer - Noticing, recognizing, and surendering our inner world.

Embracing whatever reveals from within.

Embracing ourself, allowing any aspect to simply BE the way it IS for the moment.

And from there, from this Acceptance and Allowance, a space can be created.

An empty space of nothingness that yet is fulfilled with new life power and possibilities.

This space slowly fulfills with clarity and a deeper sensation of freedom.

Let go Let it be

It is

You are


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