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Inner shadows

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

"We are not here to be perfect, we are here to be ourselves."

Looking back on my childhood and listening to other people's experiences of their childhood, it is apparent that most of us come out of our childhood "harmed", with inner emotional wounds and scars.

Very few of us had conscious role models in our parents or closest caregivers, who loved themselves unconditionally and saw themselves as a complete and lovable being.

For sure our parents did everything they did in each moment as good as they could, however, they also had not received an example for a fulfilled life inside out from their parents.

And this seed of unconsciousness about who we truly are, loving consciousness, has been passed on for many generations.

As a result, most of us were also not initiated by our parents to take full responsibility for our inner fulfillment - as an essential basis for a fulfilling life with healthy and happy relationships.

So early on we walked through our lives with a co-dependent inner child in an adult body.

And henceforth it was our inner unhealed child, which was now permanently looking for confirmation of its unfulfilled needs in the outside.

To think we can find something outside of us, that we feel we are lacking, is an illusion. It leads to a search, that does not cease.

This search leads to great pain, dissatisfaction and desperation within us, as no one on the outside can give us what we are really longing for – inner fulfillment – feeling whole within ourselves.

When we look at this from a perspective of life´s blessings, we can recognise that this is a great treasure to free ourselves completely.

By choosing every day new to contribute to our inner peace through our more and more conscious, compassionate, thinking, feeling, speaking and acting towards ourself. To create a place of love within ourself. And from here we can open another door and realise that we are not our thoughts, feelings, nore our body symptoms. Yet we are limitless consciousness, that observes.

The second reason that we have lost connection to our deeply loving, whole inner world over time is, that we have been permanently judged in school, in our society, and social environment as to whether what we are and what we do is "good or bad".

We were judged and criticized for our behavior – there was hardly any room or comprehension for being overly crazy, behaving differently and outside the box.

Because that would mean that there is no absolute "right and wrong", and that would really shake up the structure of duality in which we live.

And so most of us have begun to see ourselves as wrong, as imperfect, the way we are.

We cut ourselves off from all the parts of ourselves that others, and then we ourselves, criticized as wrong, insufficient and imperfect. The result was that we condemned all, that we from then on saw in ourselves as imperfect, into the depths of our subconscious as shadows.

And our damned shadow aspects were from now on pointed out to us by mirrors on the outside as triggers in our opposite.

All these shadow aspects, are waiting for us to finally bring them back home within us.

They are waiting for us to accept them, to forgive ourself and others and to remember our wholeness.

And by embracing our shadow aspects we can finally take off all the masks, that we had created unconsciously to protect ourselves from our inner woundedness.

To say:

To share our beautiful Being in its completeness. Not to have the claim to be perfect, but to be authentic.

We are wonder-full!


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