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Totality in Relationships

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

"HOW do we relate to one another in relationships – especially to those around us that are closest to us?"

Do we allow totality in relationships?

Totality can mean something different to all of us.

So I will refer here to how I perceive and feel "totality".

For me Totality means "ALL that is - ALL that we are".

Totality - As much that, what we appreciate about ourself and might consider as our strengths or light aspects, as well as all that, what we might not enjoy about ourself 'yet' and consider as our weaknesses or shadow aspects.

Do we allow ourself to express our feelings and our heart's longing truthfully towards others?

Or are we more in a holding back position and do not allow us to express what we really feel because we are afraid what the reaction on the other side could be like? That we might be rejected for example?

In my perception many times we do not allow ourself to share our vulnerability in relationships with others.

And why?

Because we all made experiences during our life, beginning very early in our childhood, that started to form our way of looking at life in a certain way.

Like a pair of glasses, that has been colored in a certain color through our experiences.

And henceforth we see life through that color.

Yet everyone has different colored glasses with different perspectives on life.

We received a programmation...and this programmation contained limitations, that made us believe we have to think, feel, speak and behave in a certain way.

Many of us were told by our parents or later in school, what was considered right and wrong, and how we should behave according to that (This is not a criticism against our parents or teachers because I am sure they do and did their best and only transmit(ted) what they have learned themselves about life).

I believe that all of us in our deepest nature contain the capacity to express what is alive in us with empathy and in authenticity towards one another. Embracing both, our own inner world and the inner world of the other one.

Does a right and wrong in between us really exist?

I belive the truth is , that it simply IS.

What if we would start to embrace all that, what simply IS?

If we would start to give more space to observe, recognize and accept our own totality - all our light and shadow aspects?

To being able to allow each others totality in relations, we need to start within ourself!

By making space to ourself and notice, what knocks on our inner door in a safe space of compassion and empathy for our own.

And from here we can open ourself for forgiveness. SO let us gain conciousness that by embracing our own completeness, we can embrace others in their completeness.

What if we started today to conciously embrace our own and others totality?

The chains that have kept our being imprisoned, might finally break free in a space of endlessness.

We were and We are…Completeness.


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